Do you live in Central Ohio and have issues with your basement walls bowing inward and cracking? It’s a common problem in many neighborhoods in the Columbus, Ohio, area, where the water table is high and ground water pushes against the basement walls and the foundation of the home.
Previously, this problem was treated by excavating the soil from around the base of the home to put in drains, and installing unsightly steel beams to keep the walls from bowing in farther.
For finished basements, this was especially problematic, as drywall had to be torn out, and the beams interfered with finished walls and looked terrible.
There are many techniques for shoring up and reinforcing basement walls.

One such technique is called StablWall.
Thin strips of carbon fiber, much stronger than steel, can be installed on your basement walls to keep them solid and stable. Drywall can be installed over the strips, and no excavation is necessary!

VicArtMasonry is an approved Stabl Wall carbon fiber installer in Central Ohio. Please contact us today and learn more about this exciting process. Or read more by clicking on the StablWall logo above.