Vic Art Masonry specializes in stone and brick chimney repair in Columbus, Ohio.


stone chimney repair columbus ohStone fireplace renovation in Clintonville

This fireplace in a Clintonville home had been covered with unsightly paneling. Vic Art Masonry poured a new hearth and created a new, attractive fireplace opening for the purpose of installing a vented gas fireplace. The stone tile on the floor and the decorative brick around the fireplace lend a distinctive look to the entire front room.


stone chimney construction dublinStone chimney construction and outdoor kitchen in Dublin

This outdoor fireplace and built-in grill in Dublin was constructed for a home in Muirfield. The size of the outdoor fireplace required special attention to structural integrity and foundation. It is covered in Indiana limestone with built-in stone accents. The stone was personalized with the last initial of the family name in the center. The arch over the fireplace opening is a mirror image of the fireplace inside the house, carrying the theme and design of this upscale home into their outdoor recreation space. Integrating the fireplace with the overall outdoor kitchen and grill brought together the exterior design.


stone chimney repair clintonville oh

Stone chimney repair in Clintonville

We built this chimney in a unique style to correct problems. Previously the chimney was damaged. The brick was cracked and crumbling and in danger of causing more damage to the roof. It was venting a furnace, which is a common cause of damage to the chimney. Furnaces vent acids and gases that harm unlined masonry chimneys, and this one was showing typical signs of disrepair.

With the permission of the homeowner, it was constructed of salvaged brick from the neighborhood to give it unique flavor.


Stone chimney repair near OSU Campus

This 100-year-old chimney near the Ohio State University campus which we dismantled, cleaned the brick, and rebuilt in the original style. The brick was stained and the mortar joints were crumbling, causing the chimney to become structurally unsound.



stone chimney tuckpointing columbus oh Stone chimney tuckpointing in Upper Arlington

This stone chimney in UA was in need of repair. Some contractors will simply place additional mortar on the outside of crumbling areas. Vic Art Masonry was careful to chisel out and remove crumbling mortar between the stones and repaired the joints thoroughly, leaving a beautiful and structurally sound finished stone chimney.



Commercial Stone Chimney Repair Project at Grandview-area Church

At First Community Church in Marble Cliff, this 70-foot high chimney was failing due to water damage and crumbling mortar joints. The chimney repair was complicated because of the historic nature of the large building. Additionally, the church houses a child care center with youngsters running around outdoors.

The chimney is constructed of locally quarried limestone. We were able to source matching local stone for the pieces that needed to be replaced.