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Masonry work dangerous, injury-prone: Vic Art makes safety a priority

masonry columbus ohio safety record

At Vic Art Masonry, we recognize the high rate of accidents and injuries when working with heavy stone. Building stone basements, repairing stone chimneys high in the air, bracing basement walls and repeatedly bending lifting heavy bricks and concrete masonry units are all dangerous and can lead to injury from accidents and repetitive muscle stress.

Custom walkways and porches in Columbus: brick and masonry

VicArt Masonry recently crafted a custom walkway and front porch landing for a Columbus attorney at his Worthington home. The front porch included a unique stone in the shape of the state of Ohio. The original porch and walkway were laid on a concrete slab that was deteriorating because of water drainage that was damaging

Choose Vic Art Masonry when searching for masonry Ohio

Choosing the licensed home improvement contractor Central Ohio that’s right for your project isn’t easy. For complex renovations and additions, and for new builds with character and authenticity you want a team that has seen it all. With regard to renovations, you need to hire contractors who will be able to adjust when they get

Tuckpointing and Historic Restoration

When restoring masonry on historic properties, it was long a standard that harder mortars with higher cement content were better. We’ve since learned that these mortars harm historic buildings. At Vic Art Masonry, we make it our business to determine the proper solution for each application. We have studied mortar options, and we are trained

New Builds and Home Additions

Check out Vic Art Masonry’s Restorations and Home Additions Here are just a few examples of the work we’ve been doing the past couple months. We’re very proud of the quality and craftsmanship in these projects from restorations to home additions.

VicArt Masonry Wins the 2013 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award!

The VicArt Masonry team has achieved a 5-star rating for 2013, earning it the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award! Only businesses that achieve an annual 5-star rating from Talk of the Town are eligible for the award.  This score is based on all available resources including consumer-review websites and blogs, social networks, business-rating services and

Stone fireplace over brick fireplace

We were hired by a customer who wanted a new look for an existing fireplace. The fireplace had been brick, but there was another fireplace in the home that had a stone facade and chimney. The owner wanted the secondary fireplace to match the striking look of the stone fireplace. We used thin pieces of

Beautiful Brick Flume to Address Driveway Flooding

Vic Art Masonry was hired in November 2012 to create a solution for a Clintonville property that was taking on a lot of water from surrounding properties. The water was running across the driveway and other parts of the property on its way to the ravine, causing issues and endangering the foundation of the house,